Investment Philosophy

Kranenburg Capital Management applies a creative and flexible investment philosophy.  We begin with a thorough assessment of near, mid-term, and long-term goals and develop a dynamic investment strategy that remains responsive to clients' changing needs, new market opportunities, and global conditions.

We believe in time-tested fundamentals and avoid trends that often inflate investment costs and diminish long-term results.  We apply extensive industry experience - gained through our successes in navigating multiple economic cycles - to optimally manage investments calmly during both favorable and challenging economic times. 

We provide customized portfolios and investment policy statements to address core aspects of clients' financial life.

Clients rely on our independence and objectivity.  Our investment advice is driven by a thorough and expert assessment of clients' financial goals and remains uninfluenced by commission-based pricing or any particular product orientation.  We provide independent advice with a fully transparent fee structure.

Kranenburg Capital Management prides itself on establishing successful client relationships for the long-term, based on the following operating principles:

We are established and highly-credentialed wealth management specialists with expansive industry experience
We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and discretion
We partner with clients to develop and execute a comprehensive investment strategy that takes into consideration
  all aspects of clients' financial life
We apply a flexible and dynamic investment philosophy grounded in time-tested fundamentals
We provide access to unique investment opportunities
We help to coordinate work between clients' various professional advisors

Kranenburg Capital Management LLC is a State Registered Investment Advisor. Risk controls include all client assets held by independent custodians who issue monthly or quarterly statements. Our firm does not sell insurance and is not a broker/dealer. KCM LLC is a state registered investment advisor. Such registration does not imply a level of skill and our services have not been approved by any state. Investing in securities carry risks, including loss of principle, and investors should understand all risks prior to investing. For detailed on our services and fees, please read our form ADV at